DC geared motors for robot finger

As the end actuator of the robot, the robot hand is an automatic device that imitates the hand movement of the person and realizes automatic grasping, handling and operation according to a set program, trajectory and requirements. As a traditional task agency, robots play a key role in both industrial robots and service robots. In order to ensure the flexibility and smoothness of the robot,the miniature dc motor is widely used,which is a transmission module with functions of deceleration, transmission, and lifting torque. The main transmission structure is driven motor,gearbox.

The micro dc motors for robot finger are usually developed by custom, ETONM is committed to research and development, design and manufacture of miniature precision transmission gearbox systems and provide a complete set of solution services.

The technical problem: the transmission efficiency and the noise reduction demand of the robot joint speed reducer usually need complicated debugging to be realized;

Technical scheme: in the design of robot joint gear die, ETONM optimizes the gear displacement coefficient and the interference check of planet gear tooth, improves the efficiency of joint motor, and makes the joint motion of robot more flexible.

Gearbox products: DC geared motors are used in the joints of transmission robots. They require a large torque inertia ratio, high starting torque, low inertia and a wide and smooth speed range. In particular, the robot end actuator should be small in size and mass, and can have a joint motor with a short-time overload capability.