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In order to energize employees' body and mind, enrich their spare time, improve their physical fitness, increase team spirit, create a healthy and up-to-date corporate culture, and enhance corporate cohesion and centripetal force, the company organized employees to set foot on the waterfront tour of Yangjiang, Guangdong in September 2019.


Visiting China's first naval warfare cultural tourism zone--"Songyuan Yamen Sea Battle Cultural Tourism Zone", here is the place where the last naval battle of the Southern Song Dynasty and the Yuan Dynasty occurred. More than 700 years ago, the Song and Yuan dynasties staged a shocking ancient Today's maritime war.

Go to the beach for a barbecue dinner and a bonfire party

Tug the river, tear the famous brand war


Take a fishing boat tour to visit deep-sea fishermen

Through this trip to Yangjiang, not only eased the normal work pressure and nervousness of employees, but also cultivated sentiment and improved the cultivation of employees, which in turn increased the cohesiveness of the company's employees and fully demonstrated the good spirit of our employees. Let employees devote more enthusiasm to future work.