The prospect of planetary gear motor

According to 2015-2019 Current situation analysis and Development Prospect Research Report of China’s motor industry issued by China Industry Research Network, motor manufacturers in China coexisted in all kinds of ways, such as foreign-funded enterprise, joint enterprise, state-owned enterprise, joint-stock enterprise and individual enterprise, whose annual output value is from several million hundred RMB to millions of yuan. Experts predicted that during the 11th Five Year Plan, the growth of economic aggregates of planetary gear motor would reached double digit for the development of country’s overall economy.

Product category that motor industry involved includes gear motor, Cycloidal pin wheel motor, harmonic drive and worm gear motor, etc. Now let me introduce the development of transmission of planetary motor.

Planetary Motor Achieved Mechatronics

In micro machine, not only micro planetary gear motor that can transmit driving force is required, but that with power driven device is needed. In other words, micro machine requires compact gear driving device including micro motor and micro planetary gear motor, so the micro machine has functionalities of driving and deceleration transmission. The features of gear transmission device in mechatronics with above functions are that the output axis and the input axis are coaxial and the axis of motor is compactly connected with its load. In structure, the axis of motor can be connected with the output axis of planetary gear motor, in other words, the axis of motor and the gear axis of sun wheel a are connected on the same main axis. The output axis of planetary gear motor (the axis that connected with internal gear e) is the output axis of the combination, so the built-in gear drive device is combined with motor and planetary gear motor, which means the output axis of the low speed motor containing motor and planetary gear motor can connected with working machine directly. The present problem lies in the requirement of micro motor that has similar shape and size with micro planetary gear motor, to achieve practicability of micro planetary gear motor with motor.