Under shock of epidemic, opportunity comes to ensor pump manufacturers

Under shock of 2019-nCoV, epidemic prevention production like liquid soap , disinfectant , etc. has become high demand product in the range of the world .According to Business Insider, luxury goods group LVMH announced on Sunday(Mar. 15th)that, to relieve the shortage of liquid soap, three biggest perfume factories subordinated to it would turn to produce liquid soap.

According data of MIIT, until Feb.13th, production of hand disinfectant has reached 205 tons per day, while China has 83 hand disinfectant enterprises. From the view of the trend of 2015-2019 China hand disinfectant output, Compound Annual Growth Rate is 6.8%. Production of hand disinfectant in 2019 is 44 thousand tons, whose growth grew 8.9% year-on-year. Following the including need of epidemic prevention, demanding of hand disinfectant greatly increase, which estimated that 2020 output will be over 50 thousand.

As is known to all, one of spreading ways of 2019-nCoV is contacting. Facing huge liquid soap market, automatic soap dispenser is indispensable. Automatic soap dispenser avoid secondary pollution emerged by pressing contact, making use of sensor, getting soap automatically by putting hands under foam spout. Uniting with first-line home appliance manufacturer, ETONMdesigned automatic soap dispenser which can flow out soap intelligently, which help home appliances to grasp turning point.

In the market, even automatic soap dispensers selling well have their shortages, either lack soap regulation function, which can make soap wasted, or the high cost caused by the disposable bottle.

Using pump combined with miniature gear motor, ETONM develops gear pump module which can control back-flow of liquid and output flow, achieving automatic output of liquid regular and quantitative. The characteristics of ETONM automatic soap dispenser are great stability, small volume, less energy consumption, low noise.

This design installed motor controlling module in the bottom of automatic soap dispenser. Using gear pump driving method consist of miniature motor and gear ,in the function of gear pump, the soap dispenser solve the problem of back-flow liquid and output flow. The design also differ the automatic soap dispenser from traditional soap dispenser: The cap of the soap bottle can be twisted, which make the bottle recycled. Different brands of soap are allowed in the bottle, making the consumption more practical.

To improve the control of automatic soap dispenser flow, miniaturization motor encapsulated in driving module control the output of soap reasonably through the helical gear worm and non-negative pressure flow control module, achieving stable flow of the intelligent adjusting soap dispenser.

The epidemic create many business opportunities. Society deserve new way of production, consumption and administration in the epidemic, which cannot develop without innovation.

World automatic soap dispenser manufacturer should pay attention to adjusting production structure and channel pattern. Many companies in different countries and different industries have changed their production line in the eruption of 2019-nCoV, fully using their ability of research and development to against the epidemic. They start to produce mask, disinfection product and medical ventilating facilities. For the difference of scale and production condition among them, the changes of the production line can from several days to one month. By innovation in technology and function, improving the user experience and stimulating consumption becomes the direction of the industry try hard to and think off. In the field of intelligent drive motor system, ETONM provide miniature transmission system and electronic drive motor module for home appliances manufacturers.