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Why Do We Need Gear Motors?


A gear motor is any motor coupled to a gear train. The gear motor uses AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) power supply.…

Medical Ventilation Motors & Mini Motors


The roots of positive airways mechanical ventilation can be traced to WWII with the needs for pilots to breath at higher altitudes. Ventilation therapy…

The prospect of planetary gear motor


According to 2015-2019 Current situation analysis and Development Prospect Research Report of China’s motor industry issued by China Industry Research Network, motor manufacturers in…

Under shock of epidemic, opportunity comes to ensor pump manufacturers


Under shock of 2019-nCoV, epidemic prevention production like liquid soap , disinfectant , etc. has become high demand product in the range of the…

DC geared motors for robot finger


As the end actuator of the robot, the robot hand is an automatic device that imitates the hand movement of the person and realizes…

How to choose soap dispenser motor?


How to choose dc motor for soap dispenser? 6V, 5000-6000rpm, typical models: ET-DCM3220R, ET-DCM3223R if request with gearbox, typical models: ET-SGM25-A, ET-SGM37-E, ET-SGM37-G competitive…

ETONM Motor Explanation Of Each Part


Completed motor Exploded diagram of completed motor Exploded diagram of motor-housing Exploded diagram of armature Exploded diagram of endbell cap

How to choose the right motor from our series?


The best way is: you send us your dimension and performance requirements, and we will evaluate it and offer the best recommendation. In this situation, please let…

Have a dream, work together, create brilliant


In order to energize employees’ body and mind, enrich their spare time, improve their physical fitness, increase team spirit, create a healthy and up-to-date…